My Christmas shopping never complete without a stop at Patrick’s Hardware..got something special for Stocky..and great service..always!!!!

Rosemary Petty Hobart

A great hardware store with wonderful customer service. Hampton is lucky to have this alternative to the impersonal big box stores.

Matt Ballard

They’re the best if they don’t have it they will get it.

Donnie Ray Robertson

Great store with great employees! If there is something you “really” need, they will have it. If there is something you want, they will get it for you.

Ray Shackelford

We always go to Patrick and sons first, & recommend everyone do the same!

William M. Copeland

Best hardware store in Virginia. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it.

Greg Edwards

Probably the only remaining real original hardware stores left around here! Love it!!

Ed Mullis

Coolest Hardware store around! Love to go there!

Brett Francis

Great products and service from Patrick and Sons in Hampton!

Marc Kashin

Tons of memories….truly a slice of Hampton history and the American entrepreneurial spirit.

Bill Simmons